Bioblitz at Kiest Park, Dallas

Last night I found out about a bio-blitz at Kiest Park in Dallas on Saturday, October 7, 2017 at 10:30 am. Here is a link for more details:

I am tagging folks from the Pettinger Nature Preserve bio-blitz because I thought you might enjoy it, and it hasn't gotten much visibility, at least that I have seen.
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Thanks, @cameralenswrangler for the heads up. Sounds like an interesting opportunity to visit this park for the first time. Will try and be there. Best!

發佈由 aguilita 大約 7 年 前

Thanks for sharing.. If I don't make it Saturday morning, it certainly is a place that I would want to check out and record nature later. Such a cool story and it is fun to get together to document the diversity with others.

發佈由 butterflies4fun 大約 7 年 前

Thanks for posting this, Charlie! I'll be there! :)

*also, registration is NOT required -- you can totally just show up

發佈由 sambiology 大約 7 年 前

Thanks for including me. I have been aware of this Bioblitz from someone's post on Facebook. However, I'm not able to attend. I surely wish that I could!

發佈由 suz 大約 7 年 前

I'm going to try to make it! :)

發佈由 wildcarrot 大約 7 年 前

Right down the street! Thanks, Charlie. I'll be there.

發佈由 tadamcochran 大約 7 年 前

Thanks for the tag Charlie! I have a training field trip that day or you would definitely see me there! Hope you see some great stuff!

發佈由 kimberlietx 大約 7 年 前

Wish I could be there!

發佈由 k8thegr8 大約 7 年 前

Thanks for tagging me! Unfortunately, I can't come because I spent all my extra gas money on last week's trip to Arkansas. :-(

發佈由 cosmiccat 大約 7 年 前

thanks for tagging me but won't be back home from Colorado until later in the day Saturday.

發佈由 taogirl 大約 7 年 前

Bienvenida on your return to Tejas! :)

發佈由 aguilita 大約 7 年 前

I'm coming tomorrow and looking forward to another bioblitz.. Melanie

發佈由 butterflies4fun 大約 7 年 前

Just back late last night/early morning from the Guadalupe Mountains.. Will have to pass this go round. Everyone enjoy the day!

發佈由 oddfitz 大約 7 年 前


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