Kermesidae: Gall-like scale insects of Texas

In researching IDs for gall-like scale insects I found a site that made ranges easy to search. has some great information, but not enough (that I saw) to properly ID scale insects in the gall-looking form we usually photograph. With this information, it looks like Texas Kermesidae should primarily be ID'ed at the family level except for on Live Oaks which can be Genus Allokermes.

The following list are my commonly seen oaks in DFW, but you can find all hosts and Kermesidae ranges on the site.

Quercus stellata (Post Oak)
Kermes pubescens, Kermes sylvestris, Allokermes galliformis

Quercus marilandica (Blackjack Oak)
Kermes pubescens, Allokermes galliformis

Quercus macrocarpa (Bur Oak)
Kermes pubescens, Allokermes galliformis

Quercus virginiana (Live Oak)
Allokermes cueroensis, Allokermes galliformis

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