"coreopsis and friends"

So, I just found out that the tribe Coreopsideae has as it's common name "coreopsis and friends".

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I saw that too. Wasn't sure if I should chuckle or not.

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Does that mean that I am in Coreopsideae?

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@amzapp I felt the same way. @aspidoscelis I guess some synantherologists are creating a very polyphyletic taxonomy if they're including mammals in Coreopsideae. ;-)

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Lol, that was me. Allies is just so stuffy for colloquial contemporary English! I hoped someone would laugh when they saw it.
Someone can feel free to change or delete it. ;)

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Nathan - I don't self-identify as a mammal. :-)

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@bouteloua looks like you accomplished your mission! It at least breaks up the monotony with a lighter hearted note. :)
@aspidoscelis I hate to break it to you, but I think your identity is a product of convergent evolution. You know how stringent the phylogeneticists are. You don't want to become like Linaria and Scrophulariaceae, do you? ;-)

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