Anna Bennett

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I grew up in a small town in the Missouri Ozarks, hunting and fishing with my dad as an excuse to get outside, and spent a lot of time watching nature in general. I was the kid who learned to count by dumping worms on the ground, who kept minnows in a fishbowl, crawdads in a vivarium, and built habitats for frogs and mantids. (I also turned a whole jar of lightning bugs loose in my bedroom so I could "watch the stars".) I no longer do any fishing or hunting--while not morally opposed in general, I prefer not to do so.

My education includes a BS in print communications, with minors in English and biology. I wanted to be a science writer--things changed. I wound up working for sixteen years in environmental health, then landed on a farm in SE Oklahoma with my husband and son; our three daughters and four grandkids are scattered across the upper Midwest living their dreams.

While I've spent my life doing a little bit of everything, I finally found a passion for one thing in particular: moths. To that end, I take a lot of pictures, focusing on finding a balance between capturing images that have scientific value while also igniting the interest of the casual observer. On the science side, I'm working on diversifying my efforts to include specimen collection, DNA analysis, and dissection for the purposes of identification. My goal is to gather as complete a record of the moths indigenous to Southeast Oklahoma as possible, and to my farm in particular--enjoying myself in the process.