Katie Neher

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I'm a life-long Montanan who grew up in a rural area where I saw tons of cool animals and plants, though I've only recently started documenting them. I don't have a science background, just a love of the natural world and a lot of curiosity!

I don't pretend to be an expert but I am trying to improve ID's, especially in Montana. I've been going through Unknowns in the area and trying to attach at least a broad ID so that other more knowledgeable folks are more likely to see them. That being said, I'm still learning, especially in areas like fungi and insects, and am happy to be corrected!

I also hang out on the forum and in the unofficial Discord server.

My observations that need ID:
Fungi, Lichens, and Slime Molds
Insects and Arachnids

If you've ever thought about using iNat as a dating app ... hit me up.