加入於:2022 5 月 10 最近活躍:2024 7 月 18 愛自然-臺灣(iNaturalist Taiwan)

Scientific Micro and Macro photographer, especially interesting on polarized illumination, working at CYCU as professor (

My interesting is to develop simple and low-cost instrument/method able to conduct macro/micro photography for small animals like insects and aquatic animals.
My setup details ofr image stacking as follow
Camera: 4K CCD with 1/1.7" sony sensor
Lens and magnification : 0.7-5X monocular microscopic zoom lens + DCR-150/250, MSN-202/505
Lighting: DIY double layer diffuse dome with 480 LEDs, color background replacement by non-woven fabric
Software: Helicon Focus and PhotoScape X