Chris Angell 策展人

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Evolutionary ecologist and science educator, currently located in Richmond, Indiana.

I do a lot of identifying insects, especially flies (I did my PhD research on a wild population of antler flies in Ontario). I don't have time to add an explanation to every ID I make, but I'm always happy to discuss my reasoning!

My interests are primarily in acalyptrate flies, especially Skipper Flies (Piophilidae), Stilt-legged Flies (Micropezidae), Marsh Flies (Sciomyzidae), and Heleomyzidae (no English common name, but apparently they can be called "Thorn Flies" in Russian!). I'm also interested in Dance Flies (Empidoidea) and dung flies (Scathophagidae). Outside of flies, I love to observe true bugs (Hemiptera), katydids, wildflowers, trees, reptiles, and amphibians. I'm also a fan of fungi, but I hardly know anything about them!