Craig Biegler

加入於:2019 7 月 30 最近活躍:2024 7 月 20 iNaturalist

I am a naturalist with the Franklin County Metro Parks in central Ohio. My main interest is in entomology, particularly Lepidoptera, but I am also drawn to spiders and snakes.

Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park BioBlitz 8/6/2022,
Moths of Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park,
Moths of Blendon Woods Metro Park,
Caterpillars of Costa Rica / Orugas de Costa Rica,

Antaeotricha marmorea,
Antaeotricha similis,
Chlamydastis manuelzumbadoi,
Clostera jocosa,
Disphragis altilis,
Dyspteris subvariata,
Eucereon sethosi,
Thyreodon umbrifer,
Anormenis nigrolimbata,
Heilipodus pulchellus,
Himmacia miniata,
Hyperchiria sanjuensis,
Leptostales pulida,
Antiblemma fulvipicta,
Euplectalecia pulverulenta,
Eustrotia roseoviridis,