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Not the world’s foremost expert in barnacle taxonomy, but I have eaten them in Portugal and found them delicious.

I grew up in a large multi-generational home in L.A. County. My opera-loving aunt changed a 30 x 12 foot sunroom into an open aviary populated by finches, pocket quail, and a variety of other species. Breakfast always included viewing flying creatures only a few feet away. My uncle was a successful science fiction author of many novels and short stories. His writing room was full of aquariums full of fish, and terrariums full of turtles, tortoises, and snakes. Animals were major characters in his writings – mostly a lot smarter than the human characters in his stories. My first pets were a pair of guppies that I won in a 2nd grade spelling contest.

I majored in Zoology as an undergrad, got a M.S. in Ecology, then veered to medical school on another tangent. After practicing medicine for 30 years, I have retired and returned to the world of natural history.

I’ve been associated with a local Audubon chapter as Board Member, Treasurer, President, and Field Trip Chair. I am also wonderfully involved with Meals On Wheels as a Board Trustee. I enjoy delivering social and evaluative visits, and incidentally meals, to seniors a couple of times a month.

I like people, Nature, dogs, travel, hiking, photography (mostly of Nature subjects), “bad” puns, smiles, and especially being outdoors. I hope to always be an aspiring naturalist with so very much more to see and learn.

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