Dylan T. Taylor 策展人

加入於:2020 11 月 02 最近活躍:2024 7 月 12 iNaturalist

Cofounder of Chicago Mushroom Club.
  • Located in Chicago, Illinois. Bringing a focus to urban mycology.
  • I focus heavily on documenting fungal diversity. I am very interested in Laccaria species and the Inocybaceae family. I also have a soft spot for Phlegmacium velicopium. I recently began diving into ascomycetes, specifically dothideomycetes and sordariomycetes.
  • I'm currently very interested in fungal pigments and odors.
  • Hoping to help spread the use of iNaturalist (especially for fungi) across the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Chicago, Illinois.
  • @dylansthoughts on Instagram, I post on there pretty often.

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