Tom May 策展人

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I’ve been fascinated by the natural world as long as I can remember, since noticing birds and beetles as a child growing up in Western Australia. I had a marvelous experience as a teenager while living in Scotland, participating in the British Bumble Bee Atlas, and having the thrill of extending the range of species in the north of Scotland. I studied population genetics at University. Around this time, I was entranced by the range of wild fungi during one autumn while living near Canberra, and would have like to investigate the population genetics of native fungi, but have been on a three decade detour getting to understand species limits of fungi (a prerequisite for doing the genetics). I have the good fortune to work as a mycologist at Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria in Melbourne. I’ve prepared checklists of Australian fungi, and contributed to conservation assessments of local species. I co-founded Fungimap in the mid 1990s as a mapping scheme for Australian fungi, and it has been exciting to see the growth from the initial paper based records and spreadsheets all the way to the Fungimap Australia iNaturalist community.

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