James Pagé iNaturalist Canada 網站管理員 (加拿大)

加入於:2015 4 月 09 最近活躍:2024 7 月 18 iNaturalist Canada

Working with the folks at iNaturalst.org, I've been the lead at the Canadian Wildlife Federation in the creation of iNaturalist.ca, along with our partners at the Royal Ontario Museum, Parks Canada and NatureServe Canada.

I work on various species at risk and biodiversity projects at CWF, including turtle recovery work, rare (mostly plant) species surveys, citizen science and years ago got my feet wet (literally and figuratively) with vegetation surveys in eastern Ontario.

I know a little about a little when compared to the vast number of species we have in this country! But I love getting out to explore and expand my knowledge as often as I can.