Martin Galli 策展人

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It took me over four years of studying chemical engineering to realize I wanted to become an entomologist. So I started macrophotography, dropped out of engineering school and worked hard. A few months later, I found a 7-month work contract at BirdLife France (LPO), of which I am still part of their Youth Network, and then entered the University of Montpellier to study naturalist expertise (Licence EDEN). During that year, I inventoried the spiders of the Natura 2000 site "Gorges de la Vis et Cirque de Navacelles" and did a 4-month internship for the CNRS where I developed and tested a no-kill entomofauna protocol (INSECTA).
As a graduated entomologist I traveled a bit in San Diego, and Costa Rica. I then returned to France, working on mosquitoes for 6 months and am now back at the CNRS in Ariège as an ecology engineer to continue working on entomology projects including microhabitat description and corresponding microfauna inventories, testing composite non-lethal insect traps and studying morphological features of spiders for in-situ identification.

I am still learning everyday so my ID may be incorrect! If that's the case I appreciate feedback to help me avoid making the same mistake again!