Jason K. 策展人

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I am an amateur botanist and ecologist. I have a BSF in Forestry and a BS in Fisheries & Wildlife Science from the University of Missouri, Columbia and a BSN in Nursing from Pace University, NYC.
I, like many of us have shifted my interests over time. I was very interested in herptiles for many years and this passion got me out into the field in search of experience and photos. Lately I have become passionate about native plants and ecosystem function. But I don't limit myself, and I am not a specialist. I love insects, fungi, and pretty much anything else I come across. I try to learn as much as I can from what I find, and iNaturalist is really helping me to learn more, and to connect with other very knowledgeable people.
Thank You to everyone who lends a hand in my growth by helping me to ID my observations!
My photos ca be seen at https://jasonksepka.smugmug.com
I welcome any critiques and corrections on my ID's.