R.J. Adams 策展人

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Currently I work as a special education teacher in Monterey County, CA, although my background (BS and MS) are in biology with a concentration in the fields of host-parasite coevolution and insect systematics. In 2014 I published "Field Guide to the Spiders of California and the Pacific Coast States" with UCPress. Additional interests include the identification and ecology of lichens and bigeography. I've been birding for nearly 30 years, regularly lead birding trips, and am looking forward to sharing sightings and field outings with others on this website.

Inspired by some passionate county birders, I began working on something I call the 58/250 project. With no constraining time frame I am attempting to provide at high-quality observations of at least 250 species in each of California's 58 counties. My thought is with 250 species I can make a decent snapshot of what is found in each county with representatives from each major habitat type. I also strive to include a mix of native and introduced species when appropriate.