Caleb Scholtens 策展人

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Birder and naturalist in southern Ontario. Trying to learn all the biodiversity...

If an organism is identifiable to species from photos, but my photos aren't good enough or don't have the right angle for it, please let me know! I will try to improve on it the next time I find one. Let me know also if cropping photos already there will help with ID.

I am always learning, so take my identifications with a grain of salt. I recommend not agreeing with my identifications without learning how to identify the organism yourself; it improves the quality of iNaturalist's observations and you get to learn something! If you are trying to show appreciation for identifications, leaving a comment is more effective, and feel free to ask for more information.
~ My identification work has focused on Calligrapher (Toxomerus) hover flies and Ontario cicadas and millipedes.

iNaturalist is an amazing place for learning about biodiversity; I'm grateful for the staff, curators, identifiers, and observers who've contributed to making it such a great community.

Birds are on eBird. I also post stuff on Instagram. Featured in The Narwhal and the iNat blog for contributions here.

Please do not reuse my photography without permission and credit!