Weston Barker

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I'm an avid birder and general naturalist based in midcoast Maine.

eBird profile ➡️ https://ebird.org/profile/NTEzMDg3/US-ME
Instagram ➡️ https://www.instagram.com/wbarker26_birding/

(Profile photo credit to Jaden Salett. Shows me on Monhegan Island photographing a Willow Flycatcher while holding a Smooth Greensnake.

Feel free to tag me for help with bird ID in the eastern U.S. or Canada! I'd be happy to take a look (or listen) at it.

Most of my expertise lies with birds of the Eastern U.S and Canada., but my other interests include Maine's tiger beetles, galls (particularly oak gall wasps but I won't hesitate to look at other kinds!), and moths (I haven't delved into butterflies too much yet, but that may be coming). Desiring to learn more about odonata and orthoptera ID.
Any part of the natural world will interest me!

I'm involved with birding clubs/organization such as the ABA's Fledgling magazine, as well as having written twice for Birding magazine. I also write occasionally for a local bird club publication, and I monitor part of an Eastern Bluebird nestbox trail at one of my local birding patches.

Observations in need of ID's: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?place_id=any&quality_grade=needs_id&subview=table&user_id=wbarker26&verifiable=any

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