Common thread turtle

Mauremys sinensis

Summary 6

The Chinese stripe-necked turtle (Mauremys sinensis), or Golden thread turtle, is a species of turtle in the Geoemydidae (= Bataguridae) family. It is found in China (Hainan, Guangdong & Fujian), Taiwan, and northern & central Vietnam.

Diagnosis 7

This especially striking freshwater turtle can be distinguished by the fine yellow and black lines that decorate the neck, for which this turtle is named [1]. The oval upper shell (carapace) is reddish-brown to black, with each horny scute being outlined with yellow. The shell on the underside of the turtle, or plastron, is yellow, with a large brown or black blotch on each scute. The limbs are olive and, like the neck, are covered with fine yellow stripes. Scales cover the skin of the forelimbs and all the limbs are webbed. The Chinese stripe-necked turtle has a narrow head, with a slightly pointed snout [1], and cream-coloured jaws and chin [2]. Female Chinese stripe-necked turtles are larger than males, and males also differ by having a slightly concave plastron [3].

Conservation 8

Listed as Endangered by the IUCN Red List. Threatened by collection for the pet trade, and the invasion of the Red eared slider.

Sources and Credits 8

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