Il 24 giugno si terrà il convegno di presentazione dei risultati conclusivi del Progetto COMBI
(COnoscere e Monitorare la BIodiversità in Emilia-Romagna) al quale parteciperanno le sei
istituzioni coinvolte nel progetto (Istituto superiore per la protezione e la ricerca ambientale
(ISPRA), Università di Bologna, Università dell’Insubria, Università di Ferrara, Università di Parma, Museo Civico di Storia Naturale di Ferrara).
L’evento sarà così strutturat...


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Interacciones entre especies de Tuxtla Gutiérrez

Enlistaré las interacciones de biodiversidad entre especies o con elementos urbanos que crea interesantes y que he observado en mi ciudad:

  • He notado en varias ocasiones que los colibríes berilo (Saucerottia beryllina) suelen visitar y libar recurrentemente las flores árboles de cupapé (Cordia dodecandra), una de las razones que lo explique es posiblemente que estos árboles florecen en cualquier temporada del año, siempre habiendo néctar disponible. Observa...


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Worth protecting: some of the rare or endangered species of Baie des Chaleurs

In the rich ecosystem of Baie des Chaleurs, a variety of rare and endangered species find a home. Since 2020, more the 2000 observations representing 238 rare or endangered species have been added to the Biodiversité Baie des Chaleurs on going project. While conservation priorities are on critically endangered endemic species like the Gulf of St. Lawrence Aster and the


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Congrats for 200 observations! / Bravo pour 200 observations!

The Festival of Nature was a great opportunity not only to visit Woodstock and its wonderful wildlife, but also to connect with the naturalist community throughout NB!

As of June 12 at 9:30 am, 200 observations were recorded on our iNaturalist project covering 131 species!

We invite you to check the “Statistics” section to find the most enthusiastic observers and identifiers, as well as the species most often found.

Please treat these observations with respect, an...


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On "Sapyga" louisi Krombein, 1938

TL;DR: "Sapyga" louisi is not a true Sapyga and should instead be transferred to a new, yet to be described genus. Based on preliminary molecular analysis, its closest living relatives are species of the genus Eusapyga Cresson, 1880. Sapyga louisi is widely distributed in the Eastern USA and Canada and a related, undescribed species occurs in the Western USA.

The taxonomic status of Sapygidae in North America has been ...


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Why I like INaturalist

I like INat for many reasons. It has a good format that I can understand and use. Its format is one of my favorite parts. I have tried other nature websites and I can't figure out how they work. Another of my favorite things about INat is that you can make an observation on anything natural. I could take a photo of a bowl of fruit on my table and it would get IDs. That is something that I have not found at any other place. Ebird only has birds, Plantnet only has plants, and so on. I also...


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Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who has been contributing to the observations. Please spread the word amongst our community so that we can get as many people as possible observing!


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Revision of the genus Deroplatys

The Asian Dead Leaf Mantids of the genus Deroplatys are revised, with the description of three new Bornean species: D. kinabaluensis, D. nebula, and


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El alianto.

En EXIASUMHAL hablamos hoy del ailanto.

Se aprec...


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Observation fields, I have created so far

Categories :

1) Type of the habitat - 12422
2) status of the observed species - 12211
3) Response to the surrounding temperature - 12289
4) species endemicity - 12212

5) look and feel of the animals in the frame - 12210

specific to plants -
1) type of tree as per leaf--fall - 17036
2) Habit of the plant - 17037

3) life of the plant - 12421

behavior of animals -
1) Behaviour of the bird/s - 17049
2) mammal...


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Geometer caterpillars - Cutworm caterpillars - differences

Comparison of Geometer caterpillar and Cutworm caterpillar - Geometer caterpillar - Cutworm caterpillar


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Nota sobre un momento en la vida de una familia de Pilpilenes

Amigos y amigas. Les compartimos esta hermosa nota sobre el Pilpilén, una de las especies claves que estudiamos en Las Salinas de Huentelauquén.

Nota elaborada por nuestro socio Revista Bioma.


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What to photograph to make IDs of Scroffs easier!

Most important:

  • the calyx at the base of the flower, showing any flanges, and how they relate to the bracts.
  • the front of the flower showing the anthers if visible - their arrangement in and out of the corolla, and if they are normal (2 theca), or if they are fused at the top, in which case they have a banana-shape.
  • the leaves on the stem, with a closeup of any hairs, showing if they are glandular or not.
  • a habit shot, showing the size and branc...


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Fynbos Scroff Genera by John Manning

Fynbos Scroff Genera

Family changed by DNA

• Trees and Shrubs: gone to Stilbaceae
• Parasites: gone to Orobanchaceae
• Most n hemisphere genera: gone to Plantaginaceae
• Left behind - the sub-Saharan species!

Despite all the changes and taxonomic treatments, the problems are still the same

5 tribes:

• Aptosimeae: Aptomissum – Karoo Violates 3 genera
Alternate leaves, flowers solitary or axillary cymes, showy, blue, 4 stamens: ...


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Ask your questions here.


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Collection Methods

To use this project as a means of collecting sample data for the herbarium, some important steps must be followed:

  1. Taking at least two photos of the sample "in situ" (original place). One close up of the fruiting/flowering parts and one that shows associated species and habitat.
  2. Ensure that your iNaturalist settings allow the sample to be "verifiable" meaning that there is a valid date and location. This allows the public to verify the identity of the sample.


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18 de Marzo 2024 "SuperViaje" Día 3

Carhué y sobre todo Epecuén me los debía hace mucho tiempo, incluso antes que emepzara a observar aves y luego la naturaleza en general.

La tragedia provocada por la mano del hombre en Epecuén es apreciable en cualquier foto o video, pero en persona se percibe de un modo muy intenso. Recomiendo ir con algún guía local.
Los palán-palán van ganando terreno en las ruinas del puebo viejo, en otros secotres como el matadero las flores amarillas de las Diplotaxis tenuifolia abun...


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Observation field: Habitat Use

Lately I bundled four observation fields to "Built Environment" project. One of them is "Habitat Use". Field can be used to describe how animal is using the habitat in this particular observation.

Possible values and examples:

  • food
  • water (animal accessing water)
  • grit (bird using sand for digestion, maybe chalc could be added here too?)
  • cleaning (any resource used for cleaning)
  • nest
  • shelter (animal hiding to protective surro...


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Lolium and Festuca in Monterey County, California

These are just some initial, very incomplete, rough notes so far.

On the origin of a taxon on iNat: "Lolium multiflorum x perenne".

-- Kunth (1833) includes Lolium boucheanum.
-- Kunth (1834 Vol. 2) includes Lolium boucheanum.
-- Rouville (1853) includes Lolium boucheanum (p. 33), citing Kunth.
-- I haven't yet found the point in the literature where someone said boucheanum was a hybrid and not a species.
-- Terrell (1968) revised the genus, with notes inc...


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A note about Non-native Invasives in the Crystal River Parks

Hello there,

Thank you for uploading your observations into iNaturalist! As the Environmental Specialist that helps to manage these public lands, I want you to know your contributions really help us here at the Crystal River Preserve, Crystal River Archeological, and Yulee Sugar Mill Ruins Historic State Parks. One way observations help us is by identifying new infestations and occurrences of non-native invasive plants and animals. We regularly check iNat for these observations ...


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11th day of #30DaysWild!

Today is the 11th day of #30DaysWild! Annual challenge from the UK Wildlife Trusts.

Walked today from Limehouse Basin, along Regent's Canal following the Jubilee Greenway to Mile End Park, then continued along the canal until reaching Mile End station. I saw the usual coots, moorhens and geese along the canal, but was really amazed by the number and variety of plants along the towpath. Sadly also saw one dead rat (probably poisoned).

New species I saw today;

  • M...


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Brown Marmorated

Found in the lab room deceased


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Start of the Project

On 14.06.2024, together with interested biology/ecology students, an attempt will be made to document as many species as possible on the site. The area is still in its original state without biodiversity-promoting structural elements.


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Welcome back to another summer of Project Dragonfly!

We’re excited to bring you another season of Project Dragonfly featured observations this summer!
But first, you may have noticed a change in the taxa included in this iNaturalist project: there are now more than just dragonflies!

 Project Dragonfly has always focused on dragonflies and damselflies as indicators for biodiversity. However, these odonates don’t exist in isolation. A healthy ecosystem needs a broad range of species to sustain a robust food web for all of its inhabitan...


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The first test run of biodiversity recording in Hessle Cottage Garden!



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2025's Summer Hunt

(This is copied from the journal post from the 2024 competition)

We are a little over halfway done with this year's Summer Hunt! I cannot believe the amount of observations that this small group has made in the past few months, it is amazing to see how many different species there are! I am proud to say that this will continue next year as well; the 2025 iNaturalist Summer Hunt Project


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2025's Summer Hunt

We are a little over halfway done with this year's Summer Hunt! I cannot believe the amount of observations that this small group has made in the past few months, it is amazing to see how many different species there are! I am proud to say that this will continue next year as well; the 2025 iNaturalist Summer Hunt Project has been made almost a year in advance! Be sure to join it if you would...


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15.06.2024 PABB-Exkusion bei Hangelsberg

Leitung René


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12.06.2024 PABB Exkursion auf und um den Friedhof Rauchfangswerder

Leitung: Heinrich


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Chirodica chalcoptera Germar 1834

Elytra pitch brown - blueish green metallic, apices reddish brown; length 3,7-4,6 mm

Original description & illustration in:
Germar. 1834. Revue entomologique 2.
This species is from the Cape of Good Hope; it is red, slightly punctured above, not hairy. The eyes are black; the elytra are gree...


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