Thanks for your contributions!

Wow! Thank you so much everyone for your observations during Lithgow's first Great Southern Bioblitz! The number and quality of observations coming in surpassed my expectations, and it looks like you all had so much fun out there.
If anyone has observations taking during the 24-27 November that you haven't uploaded yet, you have until the 11th of December to get them in. After that date we will announce the winners of our prizes.
Any help identifying observations is welcome also...


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Test Post

Hi this is a test


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One Year In

It's time for our annual update!

Last December the project was only a few months old and our total number of observations was 209, with 123 species documented. Today, we sit at 1260 observations of 348 species! That includes 147 species of plant, 111 insect species, 36 birds, 15 reptiles, 14 mammals, 13 arachnids, and 10 species of fungi.

We've welcomed a new Park Manager to the Asombro Institute...


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Identification of Common Species of Kalanchoe subg. Bryophyllum

This is a basic guide for the identification of some of the most common species of Kalanchoe subgenus Bryophyllum, which are invasive in the tropics and subtropics. Some of the species are easily confused, especially when leaves are not present. I've seen many observations go unidentified because the photo showed only flowers and not leaves, so I did some research and found key differences between the species that are helpful for identification. I will try to make this as simple as possi...


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Uncommon Carex characters in the bioregion

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Identification tips: Bachia

[in English]
Bachia (Gymnophthalmidae) is relatively easy to identify to genus with its extremely elongated worm-like body and greatly reduced or absent digits and limbs. They appear a bit like Amphisbaenians in that they lack ear openings, have short blunt heads with reduced eyes, and have bands of scales...


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look at dem plants

these are just some cool plants i found in both Clemson and rural west ashley


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Alaska USFS Forest Health Protection is hiring!

Do you enjoy working outside, and have an interest in forests, insects, or pathogens?!

The US Forest Service will be filling several permanent seasonal Biological Science Technician positions in the Alaska Region through an Open Continuous Recruitment effort, including a position located in Fairbanks that supports Forest Health Protection. The Fairbanks-based position will be involved in survey and monitoring efforts for forest insect and disease damage and a variety of office an...


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User's uneccesarily identifying my mushrooms

I get really annoyed when I post a Mushroom picture for Identification and then someone Identifies it as "Fungi" or "Mushroom". Like, I DONT NEED THAT.
ITS OBVIOUSLY A MUSHROOM/FUNGI! SO all my Pics are indentied with broad general labels like "Fungi" or "Mushrooms".
SO irritiating!


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Welcome Oracle Employees!

Our Bioblitz challenge is a new global initiative. We invite everyone to become a citizen scientists which is a wonderful way to learn about biodiversity in your local area, connect with nature and benefit research! Simply make observations of biodiversity in your local community (plants, animals, insects, fungi) and log them in iNaturalist once you've joined your region's project. We will track observations for each region - EMEA, NA, JAPAC, LAD.

The participant with the most am...


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Домашнее задание №6 (ввод в базу русских названий растений)

Уважаемые слушатели!

Это домашнее задание возможно корректно выполнить только в браузерной версии iNaturalist (компьютер или планшет). Вам предстоит пополнить базу русских названий растений iNaturalist, аккуратно скопировав по 50 названий из базового списка на страницы соответствующих таксонов, добавив ссылку на первоисточник. У вас будет возможность познакомиться с фотографиями этих видов, а также их научными и русскими названиями.

Русские названия (пока 2000 штук) - рас...


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V1.2 A Key to the Eleodes Species of the United States and Canada

Even better version with changes for the identification of E. discincta and E. adumbrata. Some sentences made more clear and understandable. It is of note that E. nevadensis will soon be synonymized with E. delicata, the taxon will be named Metablapylis nevadensis. Since Johnston 2015 does not recognize E. nevadensis in favor of E. delicata, I would recommend that any of your E. delicata/E. nevadensis observations be identified as E. delicata. Also the range of E. wheeleri is not restric...


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Phantom Midge

The Phantom Midge (Family: Chaoboridae) are commonly found in ponds and still waters. This example is a juvenile or larva which is nearly transparent with a partially tallow cast. It has two opaque features or airbags (one in the thorax, one in the abdomen in the second last segment). The adult forms are differentiated by wing venation and delicate flies that closely resemble Chironomidae. This larva was found in a bag of purchased Daphnia and care therefore needs to be taken to distingu...


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Little Penguins Presentation - this Saturday 10am

All welcome to Little Penguins presentation, 10am Saturday 2 December at the Eurobodalla Regional Botanic Garden. AGM will commence after the presentation, to be followed by light refreshments. Hope to see you there!

More details here:


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Identification tips: Arthrosaura, Loxopholis, Leposoma

Arthrosaura, Loxopholis

[in English]
There are at least three species of Arthrosaura and four species of Loxopholis (Gymnophthalmidae) that occur in the Amazon. Together these t...


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3 150 000!!!

Дорогие друзья! Dear all!
На счётчике сегодня новая круглая отсечка: 3 150 000 наблюдений в проекте "Флора России"! Для очередных 50 тыс. наблюдений нашему сообществу потребовалось 29 дней (в прошлый раз на 50 тысяч ушло 23 дня). За по...


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Guides to Lady Beetles (Coccinellidae) of the World

Lady Beetles, Ladybugs, or Ladybirds are some of the most iconic and striking groups of beetles in the world. They can be found across the globe and never fail to impress with their almost endless array of colours and patterns. Currently, over 5000 species have been described with undoubtedly more to be discovered.

This journal hopes to compile guides and resources to help identify the many, many different species. Consider this your one-stop-stop for everything lady beetle! To a...


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V1.1 A key to the Eleodes species of the United States and Canada OUTDATED

Improved version with the inclusion of forgotten species E. wynnei, more info for this key in V1.0:

1 Mesofemora and metafemora dentate or subdentate...2
1’ Mesofemora and metafemora never...


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Identification tips: Cercosaura

[in English]
There are at least 10 species of Amazonian Cercosaura (Gymnophthalmidae) recognizable by their extremely elongate body and tail usually 2X body length (SVL). Scales around the neck are small, granular, and not organized into regular rows. Dorsal scales are usually keeled, longer than wide, and arranged in regular transv...


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How to Add an Observation to Our Project

Add an Observation Using the iNaturalist App

Using the IOS App (iPhone)

Add an Observation Using the iNaturalist Website


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Common Habitats in Florida


Located along the coastline, this habitat is dominated by communities adapted to life along the sea where wind and salt spray shape the environment.

Marine and Esturaine

These ecosystems occur along coastlines and include subtidal, intertidal, and supratidal zo...


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Online ID Guides

Before Making An Identification

Before you make an identification for your observation, be sure to do two things:

1) Check out the "Identifying Organisms" tab on the Getting Started Page

2) Do some research on what you think you saw using the free online guides below.


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Observing For Our Project

High Quality Observations

Examples Of High Quality Observations

What does a high quality observation look like? Here are a few observations that meet all of the requirements we ask for:

Example Observation 1) Polycera hummi


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Observing Wildlife for iNaturalist

Welcome to our class project!
If you are new to iNaturalist, please be sure to check out the Getting Started Guide and the Help pages. These will walk you through some of the main features of the site and answer many of your questions. Be sure to also check out the


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Help! Join for 2024!

Hi folks, don’t forget to join the 2024 CNC. While it might be a little early to be telling people already, I do so to keep it on your radar. Name of the bioblitz to join in the preceding journal message.

As to HELPING…. Please spread the word to your people and encourage them to participate.



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29.10.2023 PABB-Exkursion entlang des Herrensees

Leitung: Heinrich

MTB 3449/1 und 3449/3.


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