399-Earthworms in Gardens, Regenwormen in Tuinen

Ons verhaal uit de inleiding klopt niet helemaal, de allergrootste kwal van allemaal, de gele haarkwal, is namelijk ook behoorlijk giftig! Voor mensen is zijn steek zeer pijnlijk, maar bijna nooit dodelijk (alleen als iemand in shock raakt in het water en verdrinkt). De grootste gele haarkwal spoelde aan in Massachusetts Bay in 1870 en had een hoed met een diameter van 2,3 meter en tentakels van 37 meter. Hiermee is ook een van de langste dieren op aarde.

  1. Earthworms in Gardens
    Emma Sherlock, President of the Earthworm Society of Britain, talks about the earthworms that are found in British gardens and what you can do to help encourage more earthworms into your very own patch of outdoor space (no matter how small or big it is).

    This talk was presented on Saturday 1st August 2020 at the Earthworm Society of Britain annual general meeting.

  2. In this website tour of the NBN Atlas, Keiron will introduce three ways of looking up data on the NBN Atlas (The National Biodiversity Network):

  3. By species

  4. By location

  5. By data provider

  6. https://biologicalrecording.co.uk/2023/01/04/2022-national-earthworm-recording-scheme-review/
    NBN Atlas Infrastructure
    The NBN Atlas (The National Biodiversity Network) is based on the Atlas of Living Australia infrastructure. The National Biodiversity Network has taken this open source platform and redesigned and remastered it in some places – in response to stakeholder needs – to create a bespoke system that is exceptionally useful for UK users.

    By adapting an existing platform, costs have been minimised and has resulted in a more powerful and functionally integrated end product.

    As the Atlas of Living Australia platform is open source, many other countries around the world have used the same system. This makes our UK biodiversity data compatible with other countries’ biodiversity data and allows users to compare and share data globally.

    The NBN Atlas Scotland, NBN Atlas Wales, NBN Atlas Isle of Man and NBN Atlas Northern Ireland are now live and are continuing to be developed, much of the development being as a result of user feedback.

  7. NFBR (Biological Recording) Online Conference 2020: Lockdown Learning by Keiron Brown

    A talk from our 2020 conference by Keiron Brown, speaking on "Lockdown Learning: developing online biological recording skills".

  8. NFBR Online Conference 2020: Museum Data Mines by Zoe Simmons

    NFBR Online Conference 2020: Museum Data Mines by Zoe Simmons

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