Survey Grants in Illinois for Scouting Threatened, Endangered, and Rare Species Populations

The Illinois Native Plant Society (INPS) has a new grant type available in 2020: the Survey Grant Program. This grant, up to $1500, will fund searches for Illinois Endangered, Threatened, or Rare species for which current data is inadequate to assess their status and for which field surveys and recovery recommendations are needed. INPS is working with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to develop a priority list for the surveys. Experienced botanical field surveyors, either independent or associated with an institution, are invited to apply for this grant. Partnerships are encouraged.

The Survey Grant Program was developed to assess the status of Illinois Endangered and Threatened species through comprehensive field surveys in order to: 1) determine whether populations (Element Occurrences or EOs) are extant; 2) determine whether their listing status warrants change; 3) recommend recovery strategies for extant populations. The reports resulting from these surveys will be shared with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources Natural Heritage Database, the Illinois Endangered Species Protection Board, and with landowners.

Learn more and apply here:

The deadline is January 31st, so don't put it off!

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Very nice! I wish Michigan would do that! :)

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