Palo Duro Follow-up

I’m starting a new post and tagging those who expressed some interest in meeting up, so we don’t have to scroll through all the regrets. Of course, anyone is still welcome to join us.
I expect to be at Cactus Campground in Palo Duro between 3 and 5 Thursday afternoon the 14th. Actual arrival time depends on how much I observe on the road. I can only stay one night, but plan to do some exploring Friday morning before I leave. Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome.
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I hope to still make it. Just trying to finish a few things up today and hoping to hit the road in the morning which would have me there around noonish if I don't get sidetracked by observing on the roads out. They've had some rain up that way the last couple of days and the trails are closed today. I like stopping off at the Trading Post to see what's hanging around the bird blind area and then working the creek there. Open to going and doing whatever.

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My cell is 214-914-9091. It may be an easier way to communicate once we are out there.

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Unfortunately, everything fell apart for me late yesterday and this morning. I;m not going to be able to make it. Good luck. See and find lots!

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