Possible names for new Eleodes subgenera

In a past post about subgenus Eleodes I discussed how I, (not an entomologist), would split it off with the help of this paper:


Here are unofficial proposals for names of 4 new subgenera in Eleodes. Three of which are currently part of subgenus Eleodes until it is reduced to three species, E. dentipes, E. acuticauda, and E. loretensis. And one of which is a (for now) monotypic subgenus for E. arcuata (currently placed in Litheleodes).

Arcuata Clade - Haploptera (Simple wings, due to it’s elytra having minute sculpturing and no setae, unlike Eleodes (Litheleodes), (no longer valid), that it was previously placed in, currently one species E. arcuata, type species, with possibility of Eleodes (Promus) species being added or even E. aspera)

Spinipes Clade - Promusoides (Like Eleodes (Promus), due to is slight similarity to Eleodes (Promus), currently only E. spinipes, type species, but E. mirabilis, E. scyroptera, E. rugosa, and E. fiski will most likely be added as well)

Obscura Clade - Pleuroparallela (Sides parallel, due to the elytra generally being quite parallel sided, three species, E. suturalis, E. acuta, and E. obscura, type species)

Armata Clade - Eleodemimus (Eleodes (Eleodes) mimic, due to similarity with Eleodes (Eleodes), this subgenus used to be most of what Eleodes (Eleodes) contained, E. armata is the type species and all not mentioned species that used to be in Eleodes (Eleodes) except for E. dentipes, E. acuticauda, and E. loretensis are in this subgenus, changes are possible)

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