A “checklist” of changes that must be made to Eleodes on iNaturalist in the near future

In the below paper, M. Andrew Johnston has proposed major changes within the genus Eleodes, with that one genus becoming eleven. Commonly observed species such as Eleodes longicollis and Eleodes osculans, will become Steneleodes longicollis and Cratidus osculans. This is only the beginning in changes to Eleodes, after the new genera and species compositions there is still the internal structure of Eleodes that needs to be changed. Personally I’m quite excited for this, I believe that it can help clear up the partial mess that this genus currently is. Part of the reason I became a curator was so that I could help carry out these changes on iNaturalist when the time came. In anticipation I’ve created a sort of “checklist” in order to aid me to not miss any taxon changes while I’m changing Eleodes in the future.

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I have made an updated list that I will post soon.

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