Updated “checklist” for the Eleodes split

This is the updated list from this post: https://www.inaturalist.org/journal/eleodesthermopolis/86423-a-checklist-of-changes-that-must-be-made-to-eleodes-on-inaturalist-in-the-near-future

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Another update has been made to the list.

The title for Splitting Caverneleodes is changed to "Splitting" Caverneleodes

Step 1 for the above section is removed and one last step is added to the same section, the final step is in the following quotes:

"Caverneleodes is swapped with Metablapylis"

Finally a last step for the entire checklist is added, it is quoted:

"Eleodes nigrina difformis, Eleodes nigrina maclayi, Eleodes nigrina nigrina, and Eleodes nigrina perlonga are merged into Metablapylis nigrina"

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I have also added a species I forgot at the time, E. californica, soon to be Metablapylis californica.

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