A Guide to the Desert Stink Beetles of the United States, Canada, and Baja California

For many months now I have had the idea to write a guide for the tribe Amphidorini, where I could cover every species known and provide information to identify them. Last month I finally decided that I would commit to writing it and I have gotten a decent amount of progress since then, though I am still on Blapylis. Despite the title, I will also include information for those species from Mainland Mexico and Guatemala, they just have so little information that I do not realty think they will be separable from each other.

I do not really know when I will go finish it, but at the earliest probably later this year.

I plan to make digital copies free but I do plan to sell physical copies, hopefully for not too high of a price, though I’ll have to see how much it is to make them.

Thank you to everyone that has allowed me to use their photos so far, and those people will be credited in the book. If anyone sees this and would allow me to use their photos, please message me!

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