I have yet some uploads to do from my last field day with amzapp -- I sure will miss wandering around with her, discovering so much! My comadre, my teacher, my sounding board.
Off to new digs further west. Expect to see me floundering with IDs for a few years, until I get my bearings!

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Still in Texas, I hope?

發佈由 suz 超過 4 年 前

Upward and onward! Fear not, there will be reunions, but you will be missed by all.

發佈由 amzapp 超過 4 年 前

Two more days, Suz

發佈由 ellen5 超過 4 年 前

I meant will you still live in Texas? Are you just moving further west in the state of Texas?

發佈由 suz 超過 4 年 前


發佈由 ellen5 超過 4 年 前

Oh, wow! You will have a whole new territory. You'll find someone to teach you, I'm sure. Best wishes on your move.

發佈由 suz 超過 4 年 前

I'm already connected with local officer in Native Plant Society -- who lives near to me and promises to show me some good study sites!!

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