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I'm sure you suspected, as i did, that for wildlife, this situation is mostly good.
Here's a book for you: Alan Weisman's brilliant and well-researched thought experiment, The World Without Us

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And when you see satellite images of the earth's atmosphere from space with the pollution indices given in the weather reports on CNN you see air quality is good all over the world. Huge cities are showing mostly fair to good air pollution numbers. Probably same for water, 'cept you can't see that in weather reports. The other day even Rio and Sao Paolo had decent air quality. And Houston, Los Angeles and other well known air pollution centers. Wonder what's happening with Greenhouse gasses? Is our summer not going to be as abnormally hot as has been?

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These downticks are good, but nowhere near sufficient compared to the entire scope of what's driving climate change. And then consider how things are going to go once wildfire season arrives, with no emergency personnel left available to fight that annual war.
Oh yeah, we still gotta do tornadoes and hurricanes too, don't we? Mother Nature isn't handing out any special exemptions for poor little H sapiens this year

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So far it's just a blip on the long 200 year trail of GCC, but may have seasonal effect already. With less methane pouring into the environment, there is a chance temps approximate normal and thus, change this year's climate prediction and this year only. I intend to keep and eye on NOAA's Climate Prediction Center and see what develops. And of course, that does not mean a lessening or numbers of tornados, hurricanes, and extreme weather events. Those are constants. If this blip goes on longer than planned we might see other ...shall we call 'em...advantages to nature and the health of the planet.

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