Be On The Lookout: Asian Murder Hornets arrive in North America

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Oh no, not another threat to the US bee population.

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Let them take the honeybees, and leave our natives alone....

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I saw that on websites yesterday, but thought it was a sponsored ad. Now I'm just sad.

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Here's a somewhat less sensationalized version from WA Dept of Agriculture:
Usefully, they provide images and comparisons to native hornets. And an embedded webinar!

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Washington also has a trapping program for anyone interested in maintaining traps. As this is a species native to Japan, the Pacific Northwest is very similar in latitude and geography, it may be restricted in its range. But as that can't be certain, hopefully a good trapping system will help control its numbers. How we inflict ourselves with plagues! We just can't seem to prevent events like this from happening.

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There's a radio program/podcast about this today on NPR program called 1A:

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