Shout Out to Jenny Odell, @jennitaur

I was just traveling home from a long trip today (4/9/19) and had the radio tuned into my local PBS station, listening to the PBS podcast "Think". It was an interview (recorded when?) with "artist and author Jenny Odell" who teaches at Stanford University. She was being interviewed by host Krys Boyd. The focus of the interview was basically on Jenny's book "How To Do Nothing", but relevant to the present venue, Jenny mentioned a couple of times her interest in birding and use of the iNaturalist app as part of her routine.

Great interview, @jennitaur. I hope some of you can find that interview/podcast online.

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Oooooo!!! Awesome! Will have to listen to this!

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Thanks for the pointer, Chuck. Here's a link to the podcast:

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I like Jenny's phrase "the Attention Economy" for our addiction to digital and social media.

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Just listened to it. I was really hoping to hear you call in, Chuck!

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