Every spring, wasp queens emerge from hibernation and take to the skies to seek out a new place to build a colony. RIGHT NOW is the PERFECT time to learn more about these fascinating insects!

So, Pollination Press and Owlfly Publishing are teaming up to bring you the QUEEN EMERGENCE SALE on all of our wasp books thru the month of April!

Use the coupon code “RiseAndShine” for 20% off!

Pollination Press: https://pollinationpress.com/books.html
Owlfly Publishing: https://owlflyllc.com/publications

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Still thoroughly enjoying the social wasps book! What a magnificent book!

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I want to follow you, but i have no idea how to do it. Maybe you can tell me so i can be notifed? Please? Also, do you have those type of wasp that are really huge? Like the size of your hand? My mom actually encountered one yesterday. I also have carpenter bees. You know the ones that put holes in your wood? Oh- and is there a more specific name for wasps that like to make nests on your wood? Im so curious. Sorry if i ask a lot. Maybe we can message each other and tell each other what we find?

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Hi @mha_lover48! I'm not sure how to follow people on mobile, but if you open iNaturalist.org on desktop and click on someone's profile photo, there will be an option to follow them.

The largest wasps where I live are European Hornets and Eastern Cicada Killers. I have seen both! There are many wasps that nest in or on wood. Do you have a photo of the wasp or the nest that you found?

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