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OK, I have a problem. I collect field guides. It hasn't gotten completely out of hand...yet. But I seem to come home from every trip with a couple more. And then I choose new groups of creatures to study, for which I need... another field guide.

At the moment I just have them in two bookcases, neither completely full. This one:

(larger) has fish, other reef creatures, scuba diving and aquarium books. Plus computer stuff too, though I'm gradually getting rid of those.

And this bookcase:

(larger) has birds, insects, and everything else. The set of thin books in blue or white spines on the lower shelf are of my own photos, from each dive trip I've taken.

So it's not too bad yet. It was kinda crazy when they were all in one bookcase, with many stuck in flatwise on top of properly shelved books. So I added the second one earlier this year. But every time I go to a new country (New Guinea) or look at new creatures (Lichens) I need more. We'll see how long these bookcases last.

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I think this is one of the best kinds of problems to have in life :-)

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YES!!!! I love it!!!! Thanks for sharing. :)

Although... Just TWO plant books?!? I mean, come on! ;)

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Why so few books? My present circumstance is that I have every bookshelf in every room filled and stacked to the brim (and then some). Book shelves are breaking under the weight. There's a standing rule in the house now: IF I want to add a book (a field guide or anything), I have to get rid of one. And of course, that can be painful. I mean, some day I might need that "Guide to the Soils of Sakhalin Island", etc.

p.s. How do you imbed an image into a journal as you did above?

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From one field guide collector to another....
There is always room for another bookcase! :- )

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I wish you were my local library! Next time you drop by Japan you'll need to pick up some Japanese field guides, they are really good (especially the marine life ones) but they are of course written in Japanese.

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My problem is in addition to guides of flora or fauna (even some fish guides - and I haven't dived in years) that I do use, I have a lot of guides of things or to places I MIGHT study or go to someday.

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Problem? Very healthy obsession!

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