DCiNatHH 5pm Fri 12/4

Inspired by @alexshepard and the the Bay Area iNat'rs, I am putting the call out for all DC-area naturalists for a downtown DC happy hour on Friday 12/4, starting at 5pm. @carrieseltzer has been kind enough to identify a suitable venue -- the Science Club http://www.scienceclubdc.com/ at 1136 19th St NW, Washington, DC 20036. There are rumors that @loarie will be in town.

cc'ing everybody else on the beltway leaderboard with 20+ observations @treegrow @ecologyelise @botanygirl @calopteryx @amandaandmike @briangratwicke @dpom @treichard @adventure_us @csavy @jbrown @dctr @lagirlstroemia @javierahr @maryeford @ehurme @timbir5 @katl @mklein @layymkayy @lonnyholmes @jdeichmann @starfocus @guyfoulks @jimsteamer @rprather @ggnoma @yrhe @hsynn & @jhammock Please tag/share with others that you think might be interested hanging out with naturalists.

This is my first journal post so I don't know what I'm doing, but am attaching a northern hawk owl observation from Alaska because it is the favorite thing I have seen in the past month.

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Surnia ulula




10月 2015


Yay! Also tagging @jbrown! Very excited about this. Thanks for organizing, @muir!

發佈由 carrieseltzer 超過 8 年 前

Looking forward to it!

發佈由 loarie 超過 8 年 前

I'll be there!

發佈由 treegrow 超過 8 年 前

Sounds great, I hope to make it!

發佈由 timbir5 超過 8 年 前

Awesome @muir ! Wish I could join! I'll be there in spirit!

發佈由 congonaturalist 超過 8 年 前

Let's plan the next one for Brazzaville @congonaturalist . What do you think @jakob ?

Looking forward to meeting you Tim/ @timbir5 !

發佈由 muir 超過 8 年 前

Lovely plan! Until then, @congonaturalist is making arrangements with the guy running the neat café next to the Eidolon colony in Patte d'Oie forest, right?

發佈由 jakob 超過 8 年 前

Great idea and hope to meet you guys on Dec 4!

發佈由 seasav 超過 8 年 前

Let's make it Nouabalé-Ndoki and I'm sure we'll find plenty of bats :-)

發佈由 congonaturalist 超過 8 年 前

I'm there!

發佈由 jhamke 超過 8 年 前

Fantastic. Looking forward to meeting you @jhamke and @csavy

發佈由 muir 超過 8 年 前

In case anyone needs additional encouragement, the Science Club is making us creating a new drink for the event--biodiversitinis! :-D

發佈由 carrieseltzer 超過 8 年 前

I passed the invite on to @aegolius and she will be joining us as well.

發佈由 timbir5 超過 8 年 前

Thanks everybody! Great to meet new people and connect with everybody else!

發佈由 muir 超過 8 年 前

Great to see you all. Looking forward to more observations from the DC area.

發佈由 treegrow 超過 8 年 前

@jakob One of the last things I did before leaving Brazzaville was head to Patte d'Oie to ask around for the Eidolon colony...didn't see anything or hear anything from the folks I asked. Nice place to have a drink though!

Now I'm in Washington D.C. with all of you D.C. naturalists! Looking forward to catching up on the American wildlife and following your observations!

@treegrow @ecologyelise @botanygirl @calopteryx @amandaandmike @briangratwicke @dpom @treichard @adventure_us @csavy @jbrown @dctr @lagirlstroemia @javierahr @maryeford @ehurme @timbir5 @katl @mklein @layymkayy @lonnyholmes @jdeichmann @starfocus @guyfoulks @jimsteamer @rprather @ggnoma @yrhe @hsynn @jhamke @jhammock @muir @loarie @carrieseltzer @alexshepard

發佈由 congonaturalist 超過 8 年 前

Welcome @congonaturalist! Hope you can join us for our giant BioBlitz on May 20-21!! http://www.nationalgeographic.com/explorers/projects/bioblitz/washington-dc-2016/

發佈由 maryeford 超過 8 年 前

Welcome, @congonaturalist! Glad to have you in DC. Hope to meet you in person!

While I've got everyone's attention... where and when should we have the next meet up? Someone please start a new journal post for it! :-)

發佈由 carrieseltzer 超過 8 年 前


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