Various links I use a lot

Helpful sites for plant identification in general (also name databases):
USDA Plants database
Flora of North America
The Plant List
Caterpillar host database

Links I often use for studying Euphorbia:
Biodiversity Heritage Library
Encyclopedia of life
Index herbariorum
Euphorbia PBI
Euphorbia PBI species search
Information on Euphorbia serpens/E. inaequilatera in Africa
List of my Euphorbia identifications on iNaturalist
My identification links

Curator and other iNaturalist links:
Curator guide
Create new taxon
Taxa that need curation
Frequently used comments
iNaturalist google group

Posts I'm tagged in:
In the description
In the comments

Link extension for finding observations without seeds that say they have seeds: &taxon_id=51822&field:seeds%20shown%3F=yes&field:Euphorbia%20taxonomic%20groups=unknown
Link extension for South Texas: &not_in_place=6793&nelat=28.829127840976845&nelng=-89.2749798392581&swlat=23.406643370556377&swlng=-104.71687556260099
Link extension for Euphorbias identified by me:

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Great list - thank you for sharing!

BONAP is in the process of updating their database, and if anyone has records (photos and/or specimens) to send to them, please do so ASAP. The contact info is on their website.

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Ooh, I should add a link to this to my own list of links I use.

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@amzapp Thanks for the update, if I get some time, I'll try to compile a list. I'm sure to have a lot of county records to give them (I know I have a handful from Midland).

@aspidoscelis Yeah, it makes things so much easier. I've actually had this for months but got tired of clicking the "preview" button before actually clicking the link I want.

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