Journal Post Photos Fixed (Mostly)

For those who weren't aware, iNaturalist changed the URLs of many of the photos (more info here, here, and here). This broke the vast majority of my photo identification resources. I think I've finally gotten them all fixed now (well, all the important identification guides that you can link to here). Please let me know if you find any of my resources that have broken photo links.

As I have time, I'm slowly trying to figure out how to create guides moving forward as the current method is unstable (see here). I haven't decided yet. You're welcome to leave suggestions and I would especially value alternative strategies people have tried. However, I may be slow in reading and responding to them as ID guides are not my priority at the moment. Whatever method used should try to balance three features: stability, access to the iNaturalist community, and ease of construction. The journal posts balanced all categories pretty well until stability became an issue.

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Thank you for going to this trouble.

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Oh, Nathan! I feel pain just reading your Journal Post. Thank you for making the time and taking ALL THE EFFORT to redo these resources. I appreciate your contributions!

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I think using Google Slides or creating your own website to host the resources are the best way to go.

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