More than a million Bee Identifications: Thanks to Dr. John S. Ascher


More than a million Bee Identifications

Thanks to Dr. John S. Ascher

 Abeja Colletes cyanescens, hembra. Realizando burbujamiento

It is my pleasure to congratulate and thank Mr. Ascher for his formidable and monumental achievement of sharing with us more than a million identifications of Bees in Inat, in addition to all the other identifications of different families of insects.

Dr. John Stoskopf Ascher is one of the world's leading specialists in the bee family, as well as a researcher and university academic. Currently he works at the Department of Biological Sciences at the National University of Singapore, he is also a research associate at the Lee Kong Chian Museum of Natural History in Singapore and the American Museum of Natural History in the United States of America.

 Formidable registro más de un millón de identificaciones

His research focuses on bee systematics, ecology and conservation. He maintains global databases on bee taxonomy and biogeography and identifies bees and wasps around the world for biodiversity portals. He is one of the world's leading native bee taxonomists. He recently participated, together with researchers [Leon Marshall, Cristian Villagra, Amaury Beaugendre, Valentina Herrera, Patricia Henríquez-Piskulich, Alejandro Vera, and Nicolás J. Vereecken], in the paper about the diversity of Chilean bees (Diversidad de Chilean bees: contrasting species patterns and phylogenetic turnover along a large-scale ecological gradient).

 Mr. Ascher
The hard work carried out by Mr. Ascher in the identification of bees in iNat has allowed the knowledge to be transferred from the academy to the entire community, and thereby expand community knowledge and recognition of bees worldwide, and thereby increase the protection of these, since only what is known is protected. On the other hand, the visibility of the importance of the ecosystem services performed by bees has increased. Total thanks, Mr. Ascher.

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