First visual record of an endemic and monotypic Lauxaniid fly, Katalauxania variipennis in Kenya

Katalauxania is an endemic and monotypic genus of Lauxaniid flies. The only described species in this genus is K. variipennis Hendel, 1925 was recorded only from Tanzania. A detailed description of the monotypic species, K. variipennis is given in the chapter LAUXANIIDAE by Stephen D. Gaimari and Raymond M. Miller
in the book, Kirk-Spriggs, A.H. & Sinclair, B.J. (eds). 2021. Manual of Afrotropical Diptera. Volume 3. Brachycera—Cyclorrhapha, excluding Calyptratae. Suricata 8. South African National Biodiversity Institute, Pretoria; pp. 1757–1781.

I observed this endemic fly in Karura Forest, Nairobi, Kenya in October 2023 which could be the first record for Kenya.

Thanks to Dmitry Gavryushin @black67 for providing the ID for this observation.

Subramanian Sevgan,
icipe, Nairobi, Kenya.

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Actually, Stuckenberg in a review of the Old World genera of Lauxaniidae (1971, Ann. Natal Mus. 20 (3): 522-523) discusses a severely damaged specimen from Nairobi (April 1937, Van Someren) which is not conspecific with the type of K. variipennis from Kilimandjaro, being different in some respects, including presence of ocellar bristles (distinctly visible in your specimen); yet he also notes that apparently the Hendel's type was damaged.

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