Sarah Kelsey

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I am an enthusiastic amateur botanist and/or generalist naturalist. I am also a public interest lawyer in my professional life. When I am not practicing law, I am usually exploring parks, WMAs, and roadsides, looking for cool stuff to post on iNat and Instagram (where I am also @botanylicious - a username that I came up with in college, thought was soooo funny, and well, I've had it too long to change it to something more serious.) I also have a pollinator garden at my East Point home.

My botany degree is from Rutgers, and I worked plant-related jobs in New Jersey and Oregon before moving to Georgia for law school in 2013. I love exploring this state and documenting plants, birds, fungi, insects, slime molds, everything!

I have just discovered that the photos accompanying some of my observations are gone and am working on adding them back.

A note on location data: realizing how easy it is for someone to locate a rare species based on the locations of the not-rare species I also post, I have become pretty strict about obscuring data. For very rare species, I change the location to something broad, such as the county. Thus the big square may be accurate, but the pin is not. This is to protect rare or vulnerable-to-collecting species. I do not want to be the link that leads to destruction. But iNaturalist and other public sites are how I find cool spots to hike or find stuff. I don't like gatekeeping, that's not my intention, and you can feel free to send me a message to ask for information. While I am conservative with sharing data that could lead to a sensitive species, I am happy to share resources and information to encourage other science and conservation enthusiasts!
If you need information for research purposes, such as location data, please tell me, so I can direct you to the right resources/contact person to get what you need.