Todd Norris

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I became interested in birds at a very early age, watching house sparrows and starlings at our feeder through our front window. Close views of a male Mallard Duck with his bright green head and a Red-headed Woodpecker that had landed on my parents clothesline pole cemented my early foray into birdwatching. As is the case with many people, as time passed my interest in other faunal and floral groups expanded.

Luckily I managed to follow career paths related to nature by working as an Interpretive Naturalist in both Ontario's Provincial Parks and the federal National Parks systems. Eventually I was lucky enough to gain full time employment with the provincial Ministry of Natural Resources (now Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry) where I worked as a District Ecologist for most of my years.

Having retired in 2017, I now spend much of my time enjoying my favorite things - birdwatching, photography, walking our dogs, wildlife art, bicycling and travelling. Of late, I have also immersed myself in the world of videography where I document activities in nature and on our hobby farm, in the surrounding landscape of Eastern Ontario. Please visit my Youtube Channel at:

or simply search Youtube by typing in Herve del Norte.

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