Andrew Lane Gibson

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Field Botanist and Ecologist in the Buckeye State.

Vascular plants are my passion but I have a soft spot and interest for most any aspect of the natural world, especially geology. I'm a lifelong Buckeye and proud to work with, study, and share the wealth of Ohio's natural history and heritage. I've worked as a field botanist and ecologist with the Ohio Division of Natural Areas & Preserves since 2013 with a focus on surveying, monitoring, and managing the state's rare flora and habitats. My favored botanical realms and areas of expertise are in the Cyperaceae, Orchidaceae, ferns and their allies, and rare species conservation. Well versed in the Ohio, Midwest, and northern Great Lakes floras. Graduate of Ohio University in Athens and Hocking College. Fortunate to love what I do and do what I love.

I also run a popular Instagram account under the_buckeye_botanist

You can also find my nature blog The Buckeye Botanist, which these days is very rarely and irregularly published -