Linda Jo Conn

加入於:2013 11 月 23 最近活躍:2024 7 月 18 iNaturalist 每月捐款者 since 2019年10月

I am an iNat addict.

Member of:
Texas Master Naturalist - El Camino Real Chapter (Milam Co) since 2012.
Native Plant Society of Texas
Native Prairies Association of Texas - Fayette Prairie Chapter
Texas Bluebird Society.
El Camino Real de los Tejas National Historic Trail Association
and the Rancheria Grande Chapter

My first iNat observation entered on 11-22-2013. Hopelessly hooked since.

I am cataloging the species I observe on a small piece of land in the Post Oak Savannah (my residence) in Lee County, Texas.

I also document my observations while out and about in Lee and Milam Counties, but am also prone to stop, investigate and photo anything and everything that catches my eye anywhere in my travels, dead or alive. My observations usually follow the roadsides of Texas.

My icon photo taken by Ann Collins aka birdladymilam while several El Camino Real TMN members were observing for the Flora of the El Camino Real Trail (Floridus Milamexa) project which focused on recording flora observations by members of Texas Master Naturalist El Camino Real Chapter (Milam County) along the El Camino Real Historic National Trailway in Milam County.

I love meeting other iNat folks face-to-face! Under my "Favorites" tab are some of the great iNat and TMN human beings I have met over the years.

My motto: I am a better Texas Master Naturalist because of iNaturalist and I am a better iNaturalist because of Texas Master Naturalists.
My 2nd motto: Never leave the house without a camera!
My 3rd motto: iNat wherever you go!
My 4th motto: Three lousy photos equals one decent photo. :-/