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Heads-up: I will have limited internet connection from May 16th-18th.

I'm Tony, and I'm iNaturalist's Community and Support Coordinator, which means I'm also in charge of our Observation of the Day and Observation of the Week posts! If you come across a cool observation you think should be featured, please message me; @ mentions are too easily lost in the shuffle so I won't respond to those for Observation of the Day.

If you have a technical or support question, please Submit a Support Ticket or check out I want to keep support separate from this account, and email is also a much better medium for support than iNat messages.

I was born and raised in Hawaii, and reside in Oakland, California. I'm a former interpretative naturalist with several organizations.

I'm into photography and do some video on the side, including most of iNat's videos. I also occasionally write for Bay Nature magazine and was interviewed for the Nature's Archive podcast.