James Rogers

加入於:2020 5 月 12 最近活躍:2024 6 月 22

Originally from Ohio, I recently retired to the gulf coast of Florida. I am an artist by training and was a history museum curator by profession. I have been an avid photographer for fifty years and I enjoy photographing a smorgasbord of subjects. I am an amateur nature enthusiast with a camera as a common companion. I love observing nature in person and I find that I learn additional aspects of nature when I examine and study my photographs at home. Sharing my photographic observations with iNaturalist has greatly benefitted my learning process, as I sometimes am unsure of what exactly I have caught on camera.

I’ve been visiting Florida for about 45 years, but upon relocating here permanently, I have discovered a great appreciation for the rare Florida scrub habitat and its fauna and flora, particularly the federally threatened Florida Scrub-Jay. In the short time that I’ve lived here, I’ve started volunteering with the Audubon Jay Watch program as well as at some local nature preserves conducting scrub jay counts.