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Botanist currently living in Hawai'i while pursue my graduate degree at University of Hawai'i at Mānoa. My research focuses on invasive grasses and their history and distribution across the islands of Hawai'i. I have general knowledge of most plant diversity and a specific interest in grasses and sedges. Feel free to tag me to ask for any sort of ID. Also, if I disagreed with you on an ID, just tag me and ask why.

Hawaiian introduced grass resources:

Useful links:
identify non-contiental oceanian (exclude australia, malesia, NZ and nearby islands),6803,7013,7083,7082,7081,6744,68200

Things which have NEVER been ID'd (solves the annoying problem of bacteria and viruses showing up as "unknown")

key to some hawaiian grasses
key to hawaiian ferns
plants of haleakala
Passiflora "ciliata" in hawai'i: