The Anemones Are Coming!

It’s time again for the Anemones to start blooming! We are seeing lots of observations of the leaves, so keep your eyes open for those beautiful blooms to come any time now!

Thank you to everyone who helped us last year to document the less common Carolina Anemone (A. caroliniana). We collectively documented 46 observations by 15 observers at ~19 locations! That’s quite an increase from the previous year of 4 total observations! Are you ready to make 2020 an even better year?

We would love for everyone to join us in looking for the Carolina Anemone! All you need to do is learn what to look for and post your observations to iNaturalist. That’s it! Your data is automatically included.

On the DFW Carolina Anemones project page there are links to all the important information, such as how to tell them apart from Tenpetal Anemones, where to look for them, and locations still needing to be checked. You can find all of that here:

Don’t think you’ll remember all that while you are skipping through the wildflowers? It’s ok! Take photos of the flower, entire stem, and leaves. Post your observation ID as “Anemone” and we’ll tell you which species it is.

If you are interested in coming to a field information session once the Carolina Anemone is in bloom, leave a comment below or email Kimberlie at to receive announcements on the date and location. (To be determined once Mother Nature gives us the go-ahead.)

Thank you for helping us to learn more about this lesser known Windflower! Your efforts are invaluable and greatly appreciated!

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發佈由 lovebirder 超過 4 年 前

Just saw my first Anemone berlandieri in bloom today! :-D

發佈由 annikaml 超過 4 年 前

@suz I checked BONAP just for you :) Not Brazoria County, but 4 out of 5 surrounding were reported with A. caroliniana. Your move has added purpose now! Be on the lookout!

發佈由 kimberlietx 超過 4 年 前

@kimberlietx, you know that I will, of course, I don't know that the soil is right for A. caroliniana, but I'll certainly be looking for it.

發佈由 suz 超過 4 年 前

I'll definitely keep my eyes open for them! Hopefully I'll find one this year!

發佈由 wildcarrot 超過 4 年 前

I will be looking! Thanks for the reminder.

發佈由 walkingstick2 超過 4 年 前

Will be on the look out for them and would love an informational field session!

發佈由 lulubelle 超過 4 年 前

I'll be watching for them to bloom soon. Saw some leaves emerging this weekend. I would love to come to a field session, since I had to miss it last year.

發佈由 naturemom 超過 4 年 前

Excellent post, good refresher to get ready for this season. Thanks!

發佈由 lpenn 超過 4 年 前


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