Anemones Across Texas

While this project is specific to Anemone caroliniana, it's good to see when all 5 Texas species are blooming! -kimberlietx

Here's a list of firsts-in-bloom for 2020 thus far:
1st Anemone berlandieri (Jan 6, San Antonio):
1st Anemone caroliniana (Feb 8, near Brenham):
1st Anemone edwardsiana (Feb 8, SW of Kerrville:

Still waiting on first-in-bloom for these:
Anemone okennonii
Anemone tuberosa (only 1 observation on iNat, near El Paso)

Link to all 5 Texas species:

Here's data on bloom times for Texas comparing berlandieri and caroliniana:

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