One day to go

Hi! It's been such a pleasure getting to meet so many of you in person. I had a great time at Harms Woods yesterday and it looks like quite a few people were able to make it to the Columbus Park Bioblitz. Wherever you were, it has been inspiring to see the number of people out observing our local flora and fauna.

Today's the last day to record observations for the City Nature Challenge, which ends tonight at midnight. We'll have all this week to upload any remaining photos and identify what we found. Results will be announced on Friday.

Sneaky tip: if you have observations that feature more than one species, you can click the little downward facing arrow next to Edit in the top right corner, then Duplicate, and then identify the other species in the photo. It's no problem using the same photo for multiple species. It's a great way to show plant community assemblages.

Here is the link to help identify:
You can then filter it further by the taxa you're familiar with, such as birds, fungi, or plants.

The stats tab on our project has a nice display of the top favorited and commented on observations. Be sure to give your faves a fave--click the little star below the map on the observation.

A reminder that there will be an Identification Night hosted by Lauren Hendricks in the Pilsen area of Chicago tomorrow night (5/1) at 7PM. Gather with other iNatters to verify the gargantuan number of iNaturalist observations that are coming in. Bring a computer, any keys/references you may need, and a snack if you please. All are welcome regardless of skill level. RSVP by emailing for the exact address.

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City Nature Challenge 2018: Chicago Wilderness Region observers so far:
@aaroncarlson @acks123 @adam_b @agate @agd @aketcham @altabozz @amaris @amianmeza @andrea14 @andrewstpaul @antonioascensioherrera @apmunoz @arbor167 @asclafani @aseeger @ashleywold @astake @beachchairscientist @benzerante @bg1159 @birdboy @birdnirder @bluehamster @brigidt @brittanyhumphrey @bryan94 @bsnine @bstiles @bwsteward @carolkwms @carolt-80 @casteensc @casteense @casteensf @casteensg @casteensh @casteensj @casteensk @casteensl @casteensm @casteensn @casteensp @casteensq @casteensr @casteenst @cattoepicker @chasrued @chicago @christinesnell @cjbart @cjswatek @cmh222 @cosmiccake @cpdlauren @cqlanus @cynthia_r @d_coulter @dbild @deanhorkavy @desertdutchman @deshawn23 @devontearoy @dog @dougbright @drbob2 @droberts49 @dsuarez @eattaway92 @ecl @ejaw @elfaulkner @emartell @eminor @eplonka1 @ericalannan @ericgyllenhaal @erik92 @eriko @evan8 @ewarden @farawaywolf @forest60202 @freyfam @gabreigns @gabrielabrazy @gavinvanhorn @giacomolungo @giana01 @haleywhalen @hannah178 @hemrana @hollykatz @hornbeam @hpietrko @iliketigers @irmela @isabellebc24 @jaci2 @jackassgardener @jadap @janebaldwin @jasonsteger @jayk2 @jaylenwest @jeffreyaewick @jenmatt @jenngoff @jennifer428 @jetteth @jfw42 @jhammans619 @jinto @jlankford @jlotarsk @jmb62 @jmmcclo @jmpatton @joelblecha @joey42 @johnulrich @jolyzemadera @josh-farnum @joshua177 @joshuam11 @jschulman @juanvargas @juliana_chavez @juliebags @jvreeland @jwunsch @k3barb @kailin @kaliyahhowell @kate161 @kate88jm @kathleenk @kathleensoler2 @kderov @kellybelly @kelseycolwell @kelvin9 @kennedy9094 @kijdlaw @kittykai @kjack125 @kjell2 @kkucera @kronforst @kruffin @krystal_301 @kstrong112 @laurenu @lawyumin @lbrentner @ldowney @lesliejeanie @lewb @lflack @lilmyco @lindemanzachary @linds1687 @lunarstella1 @mackroof @mamaphd @mannyburgess @mariana75 @marshmaiden @martinlucas @mason29 @mataylo2 @mattmulligan2 @maureenm @max66 @maxinonlife @maxwell11 @maxwell1997 @mbeatty233 @mcbane13 @mchinand @mcleandg692 @me4e @mez @michael351 @mike190 @mikemc81 @miketjr @misseyunplugged @missgreen @misslauren @monika1993 @moo2 @muratozcan @mus1c4l7r42hc0ll373r @musgrave @mycobadger @mycoguide @nateblow @naturalist_glenn @nehruarun @nickv27 @nikki60626 @nikogjakovik @nkattu-41 @observer26 @oldboy1990 @owlwhisperer @palmera01 @partspermillion @paulefields @paulroots @peterkim @phat_mucket @prairiegrrl @puzzlemasta @qcbm2216 @rakesh2 @rakheedodia @randomrover88 @randyshonkwiler @rensweiler @retrofuturism @rgraveolens @rgwallace @rheinrichs @ritafw @rllbk @rodenius @roxanehb @ryan_kriz @sandra1234 @sanguinaria33 @saraha1857 @sarahanderson3 @sasquier @savedaturtles @sbradham @scoobbi @scott176 @scottmohan @scotttaylor @sdmoreno @seanknueven @shayla6 @sjoyce @skelitor @skrentnyjeff @slucci @softjulian @sonyanicole @stormdaze @supergecko @susankirt @susanne11 @swalquist @syrus @taco2000 @tampa_joe @taracavallaro @tavaras @tbethke @tbluth @the_roving_naturalist @thebals @thismia @threetrees @timidlittleturtle @tmurphy4 @tom206 @travisgallo @trebol15 @treefahrner @trees4all @tulalola @usbrit1 @viceley @victor65 @victoria2123 @vrosenbluth @whimbrelbirder @wildernessbarbie @woodridgejeff @xinmiaozhao @yogashoulder @yulirowe

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I must post my gratitude to @bouteloua for spearheading the 2018 City Nature Challenge for the Chicago Wilderness region. cassi has organized bioblitzes, led in observations, made innumerable IDs, and generally dragged the rest of us to iNaturalist glory. Heartfelt appreciation!

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@sanguinaria33 has it right. Thanks to @bouteloua for her amazing efforts! And a shoutout to @evan8 for mega-IDing!

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