Euphorbia PBI subgeneric classification

For any of the curators who have been working on Euphorbia, Euphorbia PBI has a data portal where essentially all the species have been assigned subgeneric classification (under description). I've been working through the majority of the species as I find them and should have gotten all the North American species that have been added so far and have been slowly working through others. All this to say, there is a single source where the information can be referenced if you are interested.

Here's the link:

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@bouteloua @jaykeller @lincolndurey I think this might be of interest to you.

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Very interesting, and thank for sharing Nathan. I look forward to reviewing this in depth.

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@tonyrebelo In case you are interested in assigning subgeneric to the African species. I haven't had the time to deal with most of those now.

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OK: I have used :
Nomenclature and typification of southern African species of Euphorbia P.V. BRUYNS Bothalia 42,2: 217–245 (2012)

to assign all our southern Africa (i.e. iNat s Afr, excl. Zimbabwe and Moz) to the sections.
I have not checked for any additions/alterations post 2012.
I had to add these species (all in POWO)
E. schlechteri Pax, (Anisophyllum )
E. berotica N.E.Br., (Esula)
E. congestiflora L.C.Leach, (Tirucalli)

E. systyloides Pax (Rhizanthium)
There were no issues (e.g. spp already in other sections, extra species missing from POWO, etc.).

I noticed a few what I would have thought of as American species: i.e. Euphorbia guatemalensis, Euphorbia nevadensis

Thanks for the headup!

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Great! I'm glad you were able to get those added.

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