Species list for sections and subgenera

For all the members not in section Anisophyllum (which is in the taxonomy of iNaturalist), there isn't a list for each subgroup. This post will hopefully resolve that. The list follows the Flora of North America. Please let me know if I miss a species.

Section Alectoroctonum (subg. Chamaesyce):
Euphorbia antisyphilitica
Euphorbia aaron-rossii
Euphorbia bicolor
Euphorbia bilobata
Euphorbia corollata
Euphorbia cotinifolia (I; occasionally cultivated)
Euphorbia curtisii
Euphorbia discoidalis
Euphorbia exserta
Euphorbia graminea
Euphorbia hexagona
Euphorbia innocua
Euphorbia ipecacuanhae
Euphorbia macropus
Euphorbia marginata
Euphorbia mercurialina
Euphorbia misera
Euphorbia nephradenia
Euphorbia polyphylla
Euphorbia pubentissima
Euphorbia strictior
Euphorbia wrightii
Euphorbia xantii (I; commonly cultivated)

Section Crepidaria (subg. Euphorbia; syn. Pedilanthus):
Euphorbia bracteata (I; cultivated)
Euphorbia lomellii (I; commonly cultivated)
Euphorbia tithymaloides subsp. smallii

Subgenus Esula (syn. Tithymalus):
Euphorbia agraria (sect. Esula) (I)
Euphorbia alta (sect. Helioscopia)
Euphorbia austrotexana (sect. Tithymalus)
Euphorbia brachycera (sect. Tithymalus)
Euphorbia chamaesula (sect. Tithymalus)
Euphorbia commutata (sect. Tithymalus)
Euphorbia crenulata (sect. Tithymalus)
Euphorbia cyparissias (sect. Esula) (I)
Euphorbia dendroides (sect. Pachycladae) (I)
Euphorbia exigua (sect. Exiguae) (I)
Euphorbia falcata (sect. Pithyusa) (I)
Euphorbia georgiana (sect. Tithymalus)
Euphorbia helioscopia (sect. Helioscopia) (I)
Euphorbia helleri (sect. Tithymalus)
Euphorbia lathyris (sect. Lathyris; monotypic section) (I)
Euphorbia longicruris (sect. Tithymalus)
Euphorbia lurida (sect. Tithymalus)
Euphorbia myrsinites (sect. Myrsiniteae) (I)
Euphorbia oblongata (sect. Helioscopia) (I)
Euphorbia ouachitana (sect. Tithymalus)
Euphorbia platyphyllos (sect. Helioscopia) (I)
Euphorbia peplidion (sect. Tithymalus)
Euphorbia peplus (sect. Tithymalus) (I)
Euphorbia purpurea (sect. Helioscopia)
Euphorbia rigida (sect. Myrsiniteae) (I)
Euphorbia roemeriana (sect. Tithymalus)
Euphorbia segetalis (sect. Paralias) (I)
Euphorbia schizoloba (sect. Tithymalus)
Euphorbia spathulata (sect. Helioscopia)
Euphorbia serrata (sect. Chylogala) (I)
Euphorbia terracina (sect. Pachycladae) (I)
Euphorbia tetrapora (sect. Tithymalus)
Euphorbia texana (sect. Helioscopia)
Euphorbia trichotoma (sect. Paralias)
Euphorbia virgata (sect. Esula) (I)
Euphorbia yaquiana (sect. Tithymalus)

Section Nummulariopsis (subg. Euphorbia)
Euphorbia floridana
Euphorbia inundata
Euphorbia rosescens
Euphorbia telephioides

Section Pacificae (subg. Euphorbia)
Euphorbia haeleeleana (Hawaii)

Section Cubanthus (subg. Euphorbia)
Euphorbia punicea (I; cultivated)

Section Euphorbia (subg. Euphorbia)
Euphorbia candelabrum (I; cultivated)
Euphorbia grandicornis (I; cultivated)
Euphorbia lactea (I; commonly cultivated)
Euphorbia resonifera (I; cultivated)
Euphorbia trigona (I; commonly cultivated)

Section Goniostema (subg. Euphorbia)
Euphorbia milii (I; commonly cultivated)

Section Monodenium (subg. Euphorbia)
Euphorbia ritchiei (I; cultivated)

Section Tirucalli (subg. Euphorbia)
Euphorbia tirucalli (I; commonly cultivated)

Section Poinsettia (subg. Chamaesyce)
Euphorbia bifurcata
Euphorbia cuphosperma
Euphorbia cyathophora
Euphorbia davidii
Euphorbia dentata
Euphorbia eriantha
Euphorbia exstipulata
Euphorbia heterophylla
Euphorbia pinetorum
Euphorbia pulcherrima (I; commonly cultivated)
Euphorbia radians

Subgenus Esula sections
Section Chylogala
Euphorbia serrata
Section Esula
Euphorbia agraria
Euphorbia cyparissias
Euphorbia virgata
Section Exiguae
Euphorbia exigua
Section Helioscopia
Euphorbia alta
Euphorbia helioscopia (I)
Euphorbia oblongata (I)
Euphorbia polychroma (I; commonly cultivated)
Euphorbia platyphyllos (I)
Euphorbia purpurea
Euphorbia spathulata
Euphorbia texana
Section Lathyris (monotypic section)
Euphorbia lathyris (I)
Section Myrsiniteae
Euphorbia myrsinites (I)
Euphorbia rigida (I; commonly cultivated)
Section Pachycladae
Euphorbia dendroides (I)
Euphorbia terracina (I)
Section Paralias
Euphorbia segetalis (I)
Euphorbia trichotoma
Section Patellares
Euphorbia amygdaloides (I; commonly cultivated)
Euphorbia characias (I; commonly cultivated)
Section Pithyusa
Euphorbia falcata (I)
Section Tithymalus
Euphorbia austrotexana
Euphorbia brachycera
Euphorbia chamaesula
Euphorbia commutata
Euphorbia crenulata
Euphorbia georgiana
Euphorbia helleri
Euphorbia longicruris
Euphorbia lurida
Euphorbia ouachitana
Euphorbia peplidion
Euphorbia peplus (I)
Euphorbia roemeriana
Euphorbia schizoloba
Euphorbia tetrapora
Euphorbia yaquiana

Subgenus Athymalus
Section Anthacanthae
Euphorbia caput-medusae
Euphorbia polygona

List of subgroups in the US

Subgenus Chamaesyce
Section Anisophyllum
Section Poinsettia
Section Alectoroctonum
Subgenus Esula
Section Lathyris
Section Helioscopia
Section Myrsiniteae
Section Pithyusa
Section Chylogala
Section Patellares
Section Pachycladae
Section Exiguae
Section Paralias
Section Tithymalus
Section Esula
Subgenus Euphorbia
Section Pacificae (only Hawaii)
New World
Section Cubanthus (cultivated; see E. punicea)
Section Nummulariopsis
Section Crepidaria (cultivated; see E. lomelii and E. tithymaloides)
Old World
Section Tirucalli (cultivated)
Section Goniostema (cultivated)
Section Monadenium (cultivated)
Section Euphorbia (cultivated)

Full list of subgroups worldwide (to section):

Subgenus Athymalus
Section Antso
Section Pseudacalypha
Section Lyciopsis
Section Crotonoides
Section Somalica
Section Balsamis
Section Anthacanthae

Subgenus Chamaesyce
Old World
Section Espinosae
Section Articulofrticosae
Section Cheirolepidium
Section Eremophyton
Section Scatorhizae
Section Denisiae (Madagascar)
Section Bosseriae (Madagascar)
Section Plagianthae (Madagascar)
Section Frondosae
Section Tenellae
Section Gueinziae
New World
Section Crossadenia
Section Anisophyllum
Section Poinsettia
Section Alectoroctonum

Subgenus Esula
Section Lathyris
Section Lagascae
Section Holophyllum
Section Helioscopia
Section Myrsiniteae
Section Pithyusa
Section Sclerocyathium
Section Calyptratae
Section Chylogala
Section Szovitsiae
Section Patellares
Section Herpetorrhizae
Section Guyonianae
Section Pachycladae
Section Biumbellatae
Section Exiguae
Section Paralias
Section Tithymalus
Section Arvales
Section Esula

Subgenus Euphorbia
Section Pacificae
New World
Section Tanquahuete
Section Cubanthus
Section Lactifluae
Section Mesophyllae
Section Euphorbiastrum
Section Calyculatae
Section Portulacastrum
Section Nummulariopsis
Section Crepidaria
Section Stachydium
Section Brasilienses
Old World
Section Pachysanthae
Section Pervilleanae
Section Tirucalli
Section Rubellae
Section Goniostema
Section Deuterocalli
Section Denisophorbia
Section Monadenium
Section Euphorbia

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