Beautiful Day at Mt. Beckworth

Our November field trip to Mt Beckworth was led by Roger Thomas and @enfieldservices. Their encyclopedic knowledge of the plants and birds of the region was invaluable as they pointed out tiny plants almost too small to see (such as the Pygmy Sundew and the Pink Bladderwort) and easily identified birds by their calls.

Did you know that we have a project for observations at Mt. Beckworth? You can find it here:
You don't need to join the project to have observations register in it. It is a collection project which gathers up any observations made within the boundaries of the Mt Beckworth Scenic Reserve, by anyone, at any time.

Click to see all the observations made during our field trip.

Thanks to our leaders for another enthralling expedition!

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Hi Vireya, you are doing a great job adding the excurion reports as it is good to see what we missed out on if we couldn't make the excursion.

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Thank you!

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